Crest Monthly News and Views – May 2018

We Can’t Fix All the New Vulnerabilities, So Let’s Fix the System

As the political climate heats up, so does the new era for cyberwarfare. In recent history, nation states supplemented military conflict with attacks on digital infrastructure to either gather intelligence or cause outages, but now with their high impact and versatile usage, there is more reason to include cyber attacks not only before, but during and after conflicts. Read More >>

Insuring Marine Businesses and Cargo

If you operate a marine business or regularly ship cargo overseas, you should consider purchasing ocean marine insurance. The following types of businesses are especially exposed to maritime risk and may need specialized marine coverage. Read More >>

5 Tips for Tackling the Risk of Embezzlement

In both good economic times and bad, embezzlement is a potentially costly issue for organizations. This form of occupational crime, which involves fraud or theft by trusted employees or managers, can range from simply stealing cash from a cash register or overstating expenses to complex schemes involving billing, inventory, payroll or intellectual property. Read More >>

Reduce Your Exposure to Auto Intersection Accidents

Automobile crashes causing injuries and property damage occur at the highest rates in cities. One study indicates that 81 percent of crashes occur in urban locations. Another study reports that approximately 43 percent of auto accidents are intersection-related incidents Read More >>

Insuring Your Classic Car

A classic, custom, collectible or antique car requires insurance that reflects your vehicle’s uniqueness and value. If you own—or are thinking of owning—a special set of wheels, find out about the kind of policy you need. Read More >>

Moving Out? Don’t Forget to Pack Insurance

The biggest life events often require extensive planning. This is especially true if you’re planning on moving. One day you’re wondering what to take and what to leave behind, and before you know it, all your items are packed and it’s time to move on. Read More >>

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