Crest Monthly News & Views – July 2019

Welcome to the July 2019 edition of CREST  News & Views! It’s hard to believe the 4th holiday has already passed, and we are seeing Back to School supplies already! Be sure to read through our great articles this month. Cyber attacks are a constant threat that you will need to keep the most updated information. There is also a perfect article on the risks of summer activities, including auto accidents, water sports accidents and also your liability.

If you need additional information on the insurance topics we are featuring this month or any commercial insurance questions, please feel free to contact us. As always, we appreciate your support and hope you benefit from reading Crest Insurance News and Views.

In this Issue:

How the Limits Apply in the CGL Policy

Any person or organization that purchases commercial general liability (CGL) insurance or anyone who provides advice to those who purchase CGL policies should have a working knowledge of how the limits of liability of a CGL apply to the payment of claims. This is important not only in choosing reasonable CGL limits but also in complying with the underlying requirements of an umbrella or excess liability policy.


4 ways to boost cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats faced by insurance companies are growing and evolving at an alarming rate. This has been spurred by many factors, including the internet of things (IoT). While the IoT presents opportunities for insurers, it also exposes security gaps. The severity and frequency of cyber-attacks are likely to increase.


Understanding earthquake insurance

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a series of earthquakes hit near the southern California town of Ridgecrest, approximately 150 miles south of Los Angeles.


Family Caregiving Is a Long-Term Job: Report

The years add up quickly (or perhaps not, depending on one’s point of view) for parental and spousal caregivers, many of whom are in it for the long haul. In fact, they provide an average of five years of care, no matter their gender.


8 smart steps for buying life insurance

Life insurance can form a vital part of your family’s financial stability and well-being but, if you’re like most people, you may find the thought of shopping for the right type of coverage a little daunting. Fortunately, these eight simple steps can guide you along the way.


Summer can be the riskiest time of year

Summer is a season of recreational fun and personal relaxation; a blissful stretch blessed with balmy weather to enjoy long weekends with friends and family, the children and grandchildren off from school. Unfortunately, summer is also the riskiest season of the year.