Crest Monthly News & Views – June 2019

Even though summer is traditionally a time for getaways, don’t forget to stay current on important insurance information. You will want to be prepared should catastrophe or natural disaster occur as potential property claims can be costly. Quick action is very important—the longer the response time, the greater the financial risk to a business. This can take the form of property damage, economic loss, and interruption in your normal business.

If you need additional information on the insurance topics we are featuring this month or any commercial insurance questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to answer any questions you may have! Happy summer from team Crest!

In this issue:

Beware of “Absolute” Insurance Policy Wording

Before Disaster Strikes: How to Prepare for Natural Catastrophes

Hope: A failing cybersecurity strategy

8 smart steps for buying life insurance

Misconceptions of coverage driving low participation in disability insurance