Crest Monthly News and Views – March 2016

March has come in like a lamb! Will it go out like a lion? This month, we feature articles regarding Workers Compensation costs, Cyber Liability, and Homeowners insurance. Please know that Crest Insurance Group has a terrific Personal Lines Department to aid in your homeowners, automobile and personal insurance needs.

11 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For a Windstorm

Whether it be hurricanes in the North Atlantic Ocean, typhoons in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, cyclones in the Southwest Pacific and Indian oceans or winter storms in Europe, windstorms can have a devastating effect on your business. Read More >>

Termination Trepidation: Disciplining & Terminating Volunteers

Have you ever stayed in a failing relationship even when you knew it wasn’t working out? Or worse–even when you knew it was bad for you? Pulling the plug on bad relationships is a critical skill in both the personal and professional sense. Read More >>

Rise of the Robots

Empowered with improved sight, mobility, dexterity and, in some instances, artificial intelligence and self-learning capability, new robots are coming to workplaces everywhere. Read More >>

Risky Business: High Financial Costs for Payment Breaches at Small Retailers

Businesses that process payment cards have risk points that non-merchants do not. Exposures involving payment card data bring with them additional financial penalties, an entirely new set of compliance mandates and obligations to respond that are different from those used in conventional data breaches. Read More >>

Malicious Acts and the Evolving Landscape of Terrorism Insurance

Current events across the globe have resulted in many businesses taking a closer look at their insurance policies to decipher what events would be covered. Read More >>

Shopping for a Safe Car

If you are like most people shopping for a new car, safety ranks high among things you’re looking for. Every new car must meet certain federal safety standards, but that doesn’t mean that all cars are equally safe. Read More >>