Crest Monthly News and Views – May 2017

This May, we are featuring articles regarding different aspects of risk management. We also have several articles and information regarding commercial and personal insurance. Did you know the majority of drivers (92 percent) still use their phones while behind the wheel of the car??

Cyber Liability Risks

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of costly computer hacking attacks against large companies, such as Target and Home Depot. But smaller companies face computer liability risks as well. Read More >>

6 Ways Companies Can Protect Employees on Business Travel

In an uncertain world­­, traveling can feel like a big risk. From medical emergencies to terrorist attacks, the challenges that occur while traveling are vast. When you are responsible for protecting your employees and team when they travel, the risks can feel even more ominous. Read More >>

Identity Theft Exposure: Protecting Employees In and Out of the Cubicle

It used to be that a place of business was its own independent silo with respect to employees interacting with colleagues and clients. Read More >>

Protect Fine Arts

When it comes to valuable fine arts collections, you should take a broad risk management approach to this important loss exposure—an approach beyond simply procuring the proper insurance. Read More >>

Five Insurance Mistakes to Avoid… (and Still Save Money)

Saving money feels good. And shopping around when you’re looking for insurance coverage is a great way to do it. However, simply reducing your coverage or dropping important coverages altogether is like diet without exercise—focused only on numbers, not on results. Read More >>

Are We Safe Drivers? Apparently Not…

U.S. drivers are picking up some bad habits and they’re unwilling to let go of them. Read More >>