Crest Monthly News and Views – September 2017

It’s September and in this issue of Crest News and Views we have a wide range of topics, featuring articles regarding Workers Compensation costs, Cyber Liability, and Homeowners insurance. Please know that Crest Insurance Group has a terrific Personal Lines Department to aid in your homeowners, automobile and personal insurance needs.

Keeping Aging Workers Safe On The Job

The aging workforce is significantly influencing workers’ compensation programs. This population will have increasing effects on claims costs and outcomes, and it’s important to understand the psychological and physiological changes that occur with age and the safety implications associated with this age group. Read More >>

Optimize Your Workers’ Comp Spend with Experience Modifications

Workers’ compensation is one of the most variable spends that an employer works with, but many business owners are not taking advantage of opportunities to reduce their annual spend and may be overpaying relative to their peers. Read More >>

5 Ways to Defend Your Family Business Against Fraud

Trust and loyalty are desirable traits in family structures and in business; however, these traits can also leave a family business vulnerable. Read More >>

Equifax Hack Teaches Hard Lessons About Data Regulation and Incident Response

Most cybersecurity experts now agree that organizations should be planning incident response strategies for when, not if, their companies experience data breaches. Read More >>

Mitigate Rental Property Coverage Gaps

A homeowner may rent property to tenants on a continuous or regular basis. If you are a landlord, there are important measures that you should take to protect your rental property investment. Accordingly, here are some recommendations and tips to consider if you continuously rent out residential property. Read More >>

Is Your Home in a Flood Zone?

Water may be a crucial component of life on this planet, but too much water can also cause a tremendous amount of trouble. This fact is especially true inside your own home, and without the proper protection, you could end up in some pretty hot water yourself. Read More >>