National Safety Month – Defensive Driving

Safer Workers Mean Safer Roads for All

  • Every 7 seconds, someone is injured in a car crash
  • Every 15 minutes, someone is killed
  • Many of the crashes occur during the work day or the daily commute
  • Employers absorb costs associated with these crashes, whether they occur on or off the job
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of workplace death

Defensive Driving: Give your drivers access to the best training and education available to ensure their success. Help them stay up to date and compliant in this fast-moving industry on and off the road.  Eddie Hjort, Crest’s Director of Fleet management has been actively working with our clients to help reduce motor vehicle collisions.

This all starts with comprehensive Defensive Driving Training

Join Crest’s Loss Control team for a complimentary Defensive Driving Course to ensure your employees have the knowledge and skills to navigate today’s most dangerous task….DRIVING! Call Eddie for more information: 843-345-3584

Can’t make our complimentary class. Click here: Train your employees with NSC Defensive Driving Courses.

Eddie Hjort