National Safety Month – Prevent Heat Illness

As we get into Summer it is extremely important to remember how to prevent heat illness.  Remember to assess the hazard, educate employees on the hazard, provide employees with water and access to shade, and monitor employee’s health while on the job.

Immediately take action:

  • Call 911
  • Move the victim to a cool place
  • Remove unnecessary clothing
  • Immediately cool the victim, preferably by immersing up to the neck in cold water (with the help of a second rescuer)
  • If immersion in cold water is not possible, place the victim in a cold shower or move to a cool area and cover as much of the body as possible with cold, wet towels
  • Keep cooling until body temperature drops to 101 degrees
  • Monitor the victim’s breathing and be ready to give CPR if needed


  • Force the victim to drink liquids
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to the skin
  • Allow victims to take pain relievers or salt tablets

The human body is normally able to regulate its temperature through sweating, until it is exposed to more heat than it can handle. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can escalate rapidly, leading to delirium, organ damage and even death.

For more information on how to keep employees safe this summer, feel free to reach out to Crest’s Director of Risk Services, Marc Kosiek any time.