Insurance Considerations for Delivery Drivers

If you are considering transitioning your restaurant employees to delivery drivers, there are some insurance requirements that you must consider first.

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Unless you are already performing in-house restaurant delivery services with a hired non-owned auto (HNOA) policy, you will need to speak with your Agent/Broker to see if this coverage can be added to your current policy. Depending on your current insurance provider, they may offer the addition of this coverage under your existing policy. If your insurance does not provide this additional coverage, you will need to apply for a stand-alone HNOA policy designed for delivery services by your employees using their personal vehicles.

The process to put this coverage in place can take up to five business days to complete, but it can go faster if you have these materials prepared and ready to go:

  • The employee’s driver’s license;
  • The employee’s proof of car insurance;
  • A signed disclosure form to perform MVR checks for driver approval (contact your CREST Broker for this form)
  • A completed insurance application (contact your CREST broker) for HNOA

Each insurance carrier has different requirements related to this coverage, so we recommend you speak with your insurance agent to learn more on what it would take to get you covered to provide employee delivery services for your restaurant. Please note: your employee’s personal auto policy may have an exclusion for delivery. Both parties should be aware of any possible exposures.

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