The Top 10 Worker’s Compensation Claims

The workplace is busy and sometimes people perform tasks at a rushed pace, which can lead to carelessness and accidents. Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that is utilized when employees are injured on the job. Despite the best efforts of companies to meet safety standards and educate employees on how to properly use machinery or other facilities, accidents are still common. Injuries are unforeseen and need to be prepared for.

We have compiled the 10 most common types of worker’s compensation claims in order to help you better prepare your staff to avoid them!

1. Overexertion:

This sort of injury arises from lifting, pulling, throwing or any other strenuous work. The injuries vary from muscle tears or pulls, dislocation of bones, tearing of ligaments, sprains, etc. This is most likely to happen in jobs involving physical labor or in extreme weather conditions. Claims for these accidents make up about 25% of the cost of worker’s compensation claims in the U.S.

2. Repetitive Motion:

A job that usually involves the same kind of work done day after day may appear harmless. However, repetitive motions such as typing or working on an assembly line can cause injuries. Medical disorders such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis are common results of such jobs. It is the responsibility of the aggrieved employee to prove the harm was caused by such routines.

3. Slipping or Tripping:

These are the most common mishaps at work due to factors such as freshly mopped floors, exposed cabling, or inappropriate floor surfaces. Worker’s compensation may also extend to accidents occurring on walkways or landscaping outside the premises. This composes 15.8% of the total common worker’s compensation claims.

4. Breaking a Fall:

Certain injuries are sustained when an employee falls. Even if he saves himself from a fall he can still hurt himself in the process. These injuries range from a pulled muscle, to a sprained ankle, to a broken body part. These injuries result in 10% of the cost of injury claims at workplaces.

5. Falling from a Height:

This sort of injury includes falls from ladders, roofs, or down the stairs. This can happen by slipping, tripping or loss of consciousness. Such mishaps may also cause death and represent 10.5% of all worker’s compensation claims in the U.S.

6. Crashing into Furniture:

This kind of common and basic incident may make the employee eligible for a compensation claim.

7. Being Hurt by an Object:

Office inventory is usually kept on shelves and can sometimes be out of a worker’s reach. An incident may occur where an employee is hit by a falling object during an attempt to retrieve it. An employee may also injure oneself by having an office utility dropped on them accidentally. In either of the two cases, the worker may claim compensation. Such occurrences account for 9% of injury claim compensation in the U.S.

8. Accidents Involving Machinery:

This kind of accident occurs when an employee is maimed by large equipment. It is typical in factories or construction sites. This type of accident can run up huge medical bills for the aggrieved. Maintenance of equipment via regular servicing and training of the workers on the machinery are keys to preventing such incidents.

9. Violence:

Violence can be a matter of concern at the workplace, which is supposed to be an institution of professionalism. Nonetheless, violence arising from arguments, shootings, and robberies at work are all subject to compensation claims from injured employees.

10. Car Accidents:

Transportation companies employ drivers who could be involved in an accident that might cause injury or even death while driving on the job. Police officers, for example, are in similar occurrences regularly, and they can certainly claim compensation for these types of incidences.

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