Travel can be fun and exciting or perhaps required for business, and whether you’re flying to an amazing resort, going on a guided vacation or cruise, a business meeting or even taking a car trip, the unexpected can happen. Losing the cost of a trip due to cancellation or having to cover the expense of physicians, hospitalization or a medical evacuation can be overwhelming – having the right travel protection is vital.

Regardless of how you travel, emergencies do happen. Whether it’s covering the costs of a medical evacuation to your hospital of choice, medical expenses, or a trip that is cancelled or interrupted – the right travel insurance is vital. It is important to note though, all travel insurance is not created equal. As a matter of fact some plans are not even real insurance.

TME Travel Insurance offers plans to fit all styles of travel. There are NO infectious disease exclusions – meaning that COVID is covered as any other illness. Most plans cover both domestic and international travel and can be issued for a specific trip or on an annual basis. Certain plans even provide the popular Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) option and a waiver of the pre-existing condition exclusion.


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