Ruth McBrayer named Personal Lines & Claims Director

“We are excited to announce that we have named Ruth McBrayer to manage our Crest Personal Lines Team. We decided to promote internally and chose Ruth because of her vast management experience and Ruth has done a phenomenal job in leading our claims department the last couple of years.
I’m personally excited and believe these changes will help us drive growth and increase retention. Congratulations Ruth. We look forward to growing personal lines with contributions from all of our agency.”

Cody Ritchie
CEO Crest Insurance Group



“Customer service is of utmost importance to me and our team. We are here to ensure our clients and our co-workers feel heard, appreciated and valued. My goal is we provide the best, most seamless experiences possible when it comes to communications and customer service.”

Ruth McBrayer CIC, AINS
Personal Lines and Claims Director, Crest Insurance Group